Doodling on walls


Seriously! There’s no need to limit imagination.

As a child, did you ever ruin the pristine walls of your house? Did you ever pretend play being a teacher with room full of imaginary students, writing and drawing on doors & walls to teach the class what you had learnt at school? I did! And often got into trouble for messing up the walls. I was told to express my creativity only and only on small pieces of  sketch paper or small chalk boards.

Well, gone are those days!  The new product “writeUp h2o” introduced by Designtex can be painted on  surfaces in any shape, size or color to make them write-able and erasable!

Now parents can allow their kids to imagine freely and there’s no need to use boring standard sized boardroom white boards any more ! As a designer, I feel it’s an extremely creative idea to spice up kids spaces (or even boring work rooms) by providing a fun canvas to unleash creativity on. Here’s a tip: Paint a 24″-30″ wide band on your kids wall and then see the magic. Or be creative and experiment with shapes to add more style.

Besides, WriteUp h20 is a clear water-based, low VOC product. It is low emitting and also contributes to LEED credits. It can be applied to any evenly painted surface with a non shed roller and is ready to be used within 7 days. Regular dry-erase markers can be easily used on it.

Green, creative, fun and easy to apply! What more could one ask for?

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