Burlap, The wonder fabric!


Whenever I’m asked to suggest window coverings for someone on a shoe string budget, Burlap always instantly comes to my mind.  Burlap is available in many neutral shades and weaves and is priced between $2-7 a yard depending on the quality and tightness of weave. It’s a very flexible material when it comes to usage and looks just as lovely as table runners as it looks great when used as curtains or furniture upholstery.


It’s unique texture & color when mixed with elements of contrasting nature makes any space look chic. Imagine a room with classic furniture clad in burlap fabric or cushions. Or a bedroom with burlap headboard and a light crystal chandelier.

Curtains made out of burlap paired with linen and muslin cottons and jute chords look great too. It’s a matter of running  imagination wild by using trims, laces and chords to create designs unique to your needs. The simplicity of fabric can be used as an excellent canvas to display art, color, print or painting. There’s no limit to what can be achieved with this fabric.

Some lower varities that are not treated properly before sale can be oily  or extra rough. Therefore it is important to check labels and keep the usage in mind before buying yourself a bolt. But the budget alternative that it is to expensive showroom fabrics, it’s definitely worth a room or two!

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