I Am









Its All In Me


Who says you can’t have it all?

The strength of an elephant, the grace of a Zebra and the spirit of a butterfly…all while being yourself!


Be Kind


We can not control how the world treats us, but we can certainly control how we treat us…Be kind. Be respectful. Be compassionate. We owe it to ourselves.


Chip It By Sherwin Williams


Choosing a paint color can be quite a difficult task. Especially, if the knowledge of color theory never expanded beyond scribbling crayons on paper in elementary school. You think that the paint you picked matched the colors of your inspiration picture perfectly, until…. they’re slapped on the walls!

Most people are disappointed to find, what looks good on paint chips might really not be what was originally imagined. And this is where Sherwin Williams Chip-it proves to be the magic lamp for home owners and designers. is a web site created by McKinney for Sherwin Williams. It analyzes all the pixels in an image and finds the right equivalent to one of Sherwin Williams 1500  paint colors. This technology enables people with or without design /color background to create color palettes with ease, narrowing any scope of a mistake.

So now that you know about it, what are you waiting for? “Chip it” your inspiration picture and start dipping that brush!


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Wall Treatments


Here are some of my absolute favorites when it comes to wall treatments!

Infused veneer – Chinoiserie

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Inspiration today


My inspiration for today!

Bring a twist to your Story – Get out and make at least “SOMETHING” out of nothing…


To Be(am) or not to Be(am)?

TO  BE(am)  OR  NOT  TO  BE(am)?

It  is a matter of personal preference whether to leave parts of the structure exposed or cover with drop down soffit and dry wall. And of course understanding correctly what the space primarily functions as. But given an opportunity, I love to restore and enhance the original architecture of the space with minimal cladding and coverage. A space with exposed beams presents a lot of character and interest. Using that as my starting point, I work interior details around it. As a designer, it is eminent to observe and feel the architecture and then compliment it with furniture and accessories. That’s how spaces flow seamlessly and architecture and interiors fit like a hand in glove.

A cathedral ceiling gives direction to a space. Linear forms such as beams and exposed rafters express movement across the space and define the edges of spatial volume. They immediately draw eye upwards and create visual interest.

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Happy Valentine’s my Friends!


Google has this amazing ability of simplifying things! When I first saw this video, I was awed by how clearly Google could cut through all the drama and exaggeration other Valentine messages presented yet convey the message of love in the most powerful way. Finally it all comes down to what a woman seeks in a relation ship? Not expensive gifts, not candy, No, not the flowers or the diamonds…it’s just Companionship! The magic potion that keeps a relationship alive and healthy…… Enjoy the magic of Tony Bennett’s “Cold, Cold Heart” as the story unfolds in this animated Google Doodle  :)

Burlap, The wonder fabric!


Whenever I’m asked to suggest window coverings for someone on a shoe string budget, Burlap always instantly comes to my mind.  Burlap is available in many neutral shades and weaves and is priced between $2-7 a yard depending on the quality and tightness of weave. It’s a very flexible material when it comes to usage and looks just as lovely as table runners as it looks great when used as curtains or furniture upholstery.


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Dare to Care


I shall dare to begin my work with the most daunting task! PAPERWORK! The task list is ready, and so is my coffee…What are you daring yourself to tackle first?

Some Dares, I care to share! Ah! That rhymes…Sweet!

Dare to admit to your mistakes. If you can read this post, you are human. And human being make mistakes.

Dare to be Kind and honest to yourself and others. What goes around comes right back around.

Dare to acknowledge that you don’t know everything. You are not expected to be an expert in things that don’t interest you.

Dare to give people a chance even if they did you wrong. Situations change and so do people. And above all,

Dare to Live Life Like YOU! YOU are unique and everyone else is taken.

Artwork for walls


If the word “Wall Paper” reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen, think again! Wall paper is Back! And in more textures, designs and patterns than ever before. Gone are the days of floral’s, the fruit baskets and ribbons, sunflowers. Instead, chic-contemporary patterns and artwork has taken over. When compared to paint, it is a much more expensive option, but the durability and low maintenance recovers it’s cost. Moreover, it can be used sparingly on focal walls or as surprise elements within cabinets.

Wallpaper is available in several varieties, some of those being: paper,vinyl coated paper, coated fabric, solid vinyl, paper backed vinyl or fabric backed vinyl, foil wallpaper, flock wallpaper and grass cloth. To get into these categories and their specifications is a topic for another day….

But today I want to share with you this fabulous wall paper which is no less than art. Take a look at this beautiful new era wallpaper by “Wall & Deco”. The company has marvelously reinterpreted and transitioned the traditional  concept by adding visually enticing graphics, texture and artwork more suitable for contemporary settings. I had a tough time picking one over the other. But here are some of my absolute favorites. Hope you enjoy them too.


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Lighting Design Techniques


Ever thought why you feel gloomy on a cloudy day and more cheerful on a bright sunny day? Ever wondered why your house does not exuberate the right ambiance inspite of pumping in thousands of dollars on furniture, art, and accessories? Well, almost always, lighting is the culprit! No matter how beautifully a space is designed, if the lighting is not appropriate enough to set the right contrast, you will sooner than later start feeling uncomfortable. Lighting is often an afterthought where as it should be a decision made early in design. An architect and a designer should work together on this as early as possible.

Nothing can compete natural light. Ample light filtering in all rooms is an asset to the property and a specialist can suggest many ways of bringing it in. Besides dual pane windows which are energy efficient, with careful planning, skylights, solar tubes and clerestories can be installed to bring light deeper inside the house where windows can not come in.


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Doodling on walls


Seriously! There’s no need to limit imagination.

As a child, did you ever ruin the pristine walls of your house? Did you ever pretend play being a teacher with room full of imaginary students, writing and drawing on doors & walls to teach the class what you had learnt at school? I did! And often got into trouble for messing up the walls. I was told to express my creativity only and only on small pieces of  sketch paper or small chalk boards.

Well, gone are those days!  The new product “writeUp h2o” introduced by Designtex can be painted on  surfaces in any shape, size or color to make them write-able and erasable!

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Counter Tops


GraniteGranite: Granite tops the popularity charts when it comes to selecting natural stone kitchen counter tops. With a wide variety grain pattern and colors to choose from, it is one of the hardest and strongest material. Not only is it scratch resistant but can also withstand high heat. Granite is also bacteria and stain resistant which makes it a one time investment and favorable choice for those who can afford it. It can be used as polished, honed, flamed or brushed to suit several design scenarios.

 MarbleMarble: Marble counter tops are also considered elegant and spectacular. Its available in a wide variety of soft hues and also some stunning black variety. Being porous it stains easily therefore used in areas that are less busy in the kitchen. however it is favored largely by bakers and is considered an ideal surface for rolling the dough. It looks warm and luxurious in most conditions whether it is honed or mirror polished.

Engineered StoneEngineered Stone: Engineered stone is composed of 93% quartz mixed with resin and pigments to create a humongous range of colors . It has granite like properties such as being heat, scratch and chemical resistant. It is favored in modern kitchens where color can be used to create huge impact and without having to struggle with uniformity of pattern and appearance. Some brands on the market include DuPont Zodiaq®, LG Viatera®, Cambria Quartz, and Silestone®.

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Universal Design Principles


The seven Principles of Universal Design are presented as:
Principle 1: Equitable Use
The design is useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities.

Guidelines for Principle 1:
Provide the same means of use for all users: identical whenever possible; equivalent when not.
Avoid segregating or stigmatizing any users.
Make provisions for privacy, security, and safety equally available to all users.
Make the design appealing to all users.

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Harrel Benson Home


The Harrell-Benson house has found its appropriate identity; the one that expresses its user’s lifestyle, perspective, values, and desire for aging in a place they call “home”. After 14 years of living in the 4000sq.ft house that had 10 rooms, one and a half bath and no kitchen at all, the house underwent a long overdue remodel, an emotionally stressful but rewarding procedure that made the house a warm, welcoming, comfortable and accessible home to all. The project won the META Platinum Award for Universal Design, the Judge’s Choice Green Award, and the Judge’s Choice for best overall project from NARI. As the presenters explained, this success was possible only because the clients, designers, fabricators, site managers and all professionals associated with the project worked together as “one unit”. No matter how educated and familiar the client is with the construction process, it is always emotionally stressful for the homeowners to live through the remodel. Active listening for designers is also crucial. It is important to consider issues like genetic disposition, lifestyle factors, psychological factors, cognitive abilities environmental factors etc. A designer has to wear multiple hats and often act as a marriage counselor!

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