Artwork for walls


If the word “Wall Paper” reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen, think again! Wall paper is Back! And in more textures, designs and patterns than ever before. Gone are the days of floral’s, the fruit baskets and ribbons, sunflowers. Instead, chic-contemporary patterns and artwork has taken over. When compared to paint, it is a much more expensive option, but the durability and low maintenance recovers it’s cost. Moreover, it can be used sparingly on focal walls or as surprise elements within cabinets.

Wallpaper is available in several varieties, some of those being: paper,vinyl coated paper, coated fabric, solid vinyl, paper backed vinyl or fabric backed vinyl, foil wallpaper, flock wallpaper and grass cloth. To get into these categories and their specifications is a topic for another day….

But today I want to share with you this fabulous wall paper which is no less than art. Take a look at this beautiful new era wallpaper by “Wall & Deco”. The company has marvelously reinterpreted and transitioned the traditional  concept by adding visually enticing graphics, texture and artwork more suitable for contemporary settings. I had a tough time picking one over the other. But here are some of my absolute favorites. Hope you enjoy them too.




Close to me

Count Down

Home sweet home




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