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To Be(am) or not to Be(am)?

TO  BE(am)  OR  NOT  TO  BE(am)?

It  is a matter of personal preference whether to leave parts of the structure exposed or cover with drop down soffit and dry wall. And of course understanding correctly what the space primarily functions as. But given an opportunity, I love to restore and enhance the original architecture of the space with minimal cladding and coverage. A space with exposed beams presents a lot of character and interest. Using that as my starting point, I work interior details around it. As a designer, it is eminent to observe and feel the architecture and then compliment it with furniture and accessories. That’s how spaces flow seamlessly and architecture and interiors fit like a hand in glove.

A cathedral ceiling gives direction to a space. Linear forms such as beams and exposed rafters express movement across the space and define the edges of spatial volume. They immediately draw eye upwards and create visual interest.