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Happy Valentine’s my Friends!


Google has this amazing ability of simplifying things! When I first saw this video, I was awed by how clearly Google could cut through all the drama and exaggeration other Valentine messages presented yet convey the message of love in the most powerful way. Finally it all comes down to what a woman seeks in a relation ship? Not expensive gifts, not candy, No, not the flowers or the diamonds…it’s just Companionship! The magic potion that keeps a relationship alive and healthy…… Enjoy the magic of Tony Bennett’s “Cold, Cold Heart” as the story unfolds in this animated Google Doodle  :)

Burlap, The wonder fabric!


Whenever I’m asked to suggest window coverings for someone on a shoe string budget, Burlap always instantly comes to my mind.  Burlap is available in many neutral shades and weaves and is priced between $2-7 a yard depending on the quality and tightness of weave. It’s a very flexible material when it comes to usage and looks just as lovely as table runners as it looks great when used as curtains or furniture upholstery.



Dare to Care


I shall dare to begin my work with the most daunting task! PAPERWORK! The task list is ready, and so is my coffee…What are you daring yourself to tackle first?

Some Dares, I care to share! Ah! That rhymes…Sweet!

Dare to admit to your mistakes. If you can read this post, you are human. And human being make mistakes.

Dare to be Kind and honest to yourself and others. What goes around comes right back around.

Dare to acknowledge that you don’t know everything. You are not expected to be an expert in things that don’t interest you.

Dare to give people a chance even if they did you wrong. Situations change and so do people. And above all,

Dare to Live Life Like YOU! YOU are unique and everyone else is taken.